Helping, advising and supporting the men and women who shape the media in France and overseas requires perfect knowledge of the sector's specificities, values and trends. Our collaborators live in that reality on a daily basis.

The dynamism of the Television, Media and Movie industries demands constant reactivity on the part of its protagonists, who must constantly adapt to change, capitalize on their knowledge and optimize their procedures. These phenomena underpin cultural changes that will revolutionize people's lifestyles and companies' structures and capacities : globalization, the internet, wireless communication, satellite networks, price competition, mega-mergers, synergies and convergences...

Productions Campagne Première assists its partners in handling these developments as well as in their alliances and acquisitions, creations, film or program launches and expansion overseas.

Our experience enables us to understand better your problems. Our experts contribute to developing solutions that will in turn enable you to seize opportunities and give you a decisive advantage in your sector of the market.

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